Benefits of placenta encapsulation, your pure placenta

The Benefits of Consuming the Placenta.

At the moment there is no scientific evidence of the benefits, but women have been consuming their placenta for centuries and continue to do so. Every woman is different and will have a different experience.

 Women who have consumed their placenta have reported many benefits. They have experienced an increase in wellbeing; enhanced milk supply; a faster reduction of postnatal bleeding; more balanced emotional state for the postpartum period and therefore a reduction of baby blues. Women who have previously suffered with postnatal depression report feeling more stable and emotionally balanced after consuming their placenta for subsequent births.

The placenta is an organ containing all the nutrients for your baby’s needs. Women often report feeling less tired, as a result of the iron levels in the placenta. The placenta’s feel-good hormones, cell repairing stem cells, vitamins and minerals all contribute to a faster recovery from the birth.

The placenta is encapsulated either according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or the raw dried method. The placenta encapsulation is best carried out as soon after the birth as possible, ideally within 48 hours. The placenta is washed and dried, then steamed with lemon, ginger and green chilli. It is then dehydrated using a food dehydrator for approximately 10 hours before being ground into a powder and encapsulated into vegetable capsules. These capsules should be taken one to two capsules three times a day for the first six weeks. Following that, whenever there is a hormonal imbalance such as during menstruation or times of stress or changes in breastfeeding pattern or even the menopause, as unused TCM capsules can also be frozen and used when needed in later life. 

The raw dried placenta is washed and dried and then dehydrated for approximately 10 hours, using the same process of dehydration as the TCM. An average placenta will produce between 75 and 200 capsules, but this will depend on the size and weight of the placenta. These capsules should be taken one to two capsules three times a day for the first six weeks of your postnatal period.

After your baby has been born I ask that the mother or a relative contacts Your Pure Placenta as soon as possible to let us know the baby has arrived. We will then arrange a time to come to your home or the hospital to collect the placenta. The encapsulation ideally needs to begin within 48 hours of the birth. The earlier the encapsulation process can begin the sooner you can start to reap the benefits.

An appointment is then made for the return of your placenta capsules.