Health & Safety in Placenta Encapsulation

Your Pure Placenta is aware of infection control and food safety. We understand that we are handling human tissue and preparing it for consumption, potentially exposing ourselves to blood-borne pathogens and dealing with the risks associated with cross-contamination. By following the Placenta UK training program and becoming additionally certified in food safety and infection control, we are fully equipped to keep you, and our own family safe. All the equipment and workspace is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before and after each service. Your Pure Placenta specialists are fully-qualified in food hygiene, infection control and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). 

There will only ever be one placenta being encapsulated at a time, in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Infection Control

This certificate covers the control of infection. Therefore, maintaining the safety issues related to human tissue with blood borne viruses. A full health history is always taken from each mum-to-be before a placenta is collected. The strictest of cleanliness is observed before preparation through the process of sterilising equipment and surfaces and use of sterile equipment. Wearing the correct protective clothing to protect oneself and to prevent contamination, changing of gloves and changing instruments prevents cross contamination. At Your Pure Placenta only one placenta is processed at one time and all the equipment and surfaces are cleaned and sterilised before and after use.

Level 2 Award in Principles HACCP

(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

This certificate covers the handling and manufacturing of food to ensure that it is safe for consumption. To help recognise food safety risks, develop procedures to manage food safety and keep food safe. Continually checking and making safe during the production from raw to dried or from raw to cooked and also maintaining documentation for food safety management. Continually checking safe temperatures during the process. Information is given to the client before the birth on how to keep the placenta clean and at the correct safe temperatures before it is handed over to a Your Pure Placenta specialist.

Level 2 Food Hygiene & Safety Certificate

This certificate is for anyone in the food industry. As we are preparing the placenta for consumption it is essential that we are aware of the basic principles of food hygiene so we can ensure that the placenta we prepare remains safe to eat. We are aware of good hygiene and safety issues and meet the food industry regulations.

Placenta Encapsulation and Remedies Training Course

I attended the course at Placenta UK. It provides all you need to know regarding the placenta and manufacturing it fit for consumption. The course covers the anatomy of the placenta and its function and all the nutrients and hormones it provides for growing a baby. We discussed the placenta on a spiritual level and how some cultures see it as a living entity and treat it as sacred. The placenta should be respected and not treated as a waste product of pregnancy. Many cultures have been consuming their placentas around the world for centuries and therefore learning the value of the placenta and its many benefits to the postpartum woman. 

Placenta UK provide a very high standard of safety for the production of remedies from the placenta. This was my main concern. Hands-on training is given on how to prepare and manufacture safely. Some reading is provided and a detailed test paper is undertaken after the course. More courses are taken to ensure safety for consumption; food safety and hygiene for food manufacturing, infection control, and principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.