Your Pure Placenta
Everything you need to know about Placenta Encapsulation

Welcome to Your Pure Placenta

Welcome to Your Pure Placenta. I am here to inform you about the natural goodness and benefits of your placenta. It is your very own pure placenta that is used to make placenta capsules for only you to consume and provide remedies for you and your family. I will explain the benefits of placenta consumption and how to arrange the process from preparation of your placenta to the delivery of your capsules and remedies.

Your Pure Placenta encapsulation and remedies service is based in Herefordshire and would love to bring this service to the area where it is needed for the benefit of all post-natal women. I can offer the service in Herefordshire, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and the surrounding borders.

I have felt full of energy despite the sleepless nights and running around after a 2 year old!

Whilst I was pregnant I heard about encapsulation and did some research on it, looking at the benefits which aren't scientifically proven but I thought its something worth giving a go, as I wanted to have a go at breast feeding as my first son I tried to breast feed but my milk supply fell short. I got in touch with Fiona regarding the encapsulation and she answered any questions or concerns i had about this. D-day come... read more


I will happily shout from the roof tops how fab placenta encapsulation is!

A big yes to the placenta pills.This is my third baby all by cesarean section. My last baby was failure to thrive and I was told to stop Breastfeeding, I didn’t. I went on tablets to help my milk supply etc, etc. This time I have taken placenta pills and my milk supply has been plenty and my baby’s weight has gone up gradually, plus she has been much more content than my last babies were.  So definitely an increase in my milk supply... read more